Best BB Cream For Acne

At some point in your life, you are going to get an acne - that is just one fact of life that you would not escape from. Although having acne is not really life-threatening, this condition is just annoying and sometimes could leave scars on your skin.

There are several beauty regimens which you can use to remove and prevent acne. However, that annoying lump on your skin would not be removed overnight. This is why concealing it may be the best solution. The most favorite product to conceal your acne is the BB cream.

Using bb cream should be done with full knowledge both of the product and your skin. BB creams are made for different skin types, and you have to find one that will suit you. Some BB creams for acne may be lighter than your skin tone, and some are made to cater to sensitive skins.

This is why knowing more about your skin type, acne and bb creams will make you choose the right bb cream.


What is Acne?

In medical terms, this is a skin condition where the secretions from the oil gland of the skin block the minute holes of the hair follicles. This blockage causes inflammations and swollen lumps.

Acne is said to be the curse of adolescents because this condition begins at the age of ten to thirteen years. This skin condition is found to reduce in occurrence at the age of 20, but for some, it persists up to the age of 30.

What is bb cream?

BB cream is a skin treatment, and makeup rolled into one. BB usually stands for blemish balms or beauty balms. The bb creams can act as a concealer, moisturizer, primer, foundation, sunscreen, and skin treatment.

There are several types of bb creams, and most of the time they have the following active ingredients.

Glycerin and hyaluronic acid - these are the moisturizing ingredients in bb creams. The moisturizing component is present in the best bb cream for acne.

Arbutin and licorice - these ingredients act as the make-up component of the bb cream. It helps to even out skin tones.

Foundation ingredients - ingredients such as dimethicone or other silicon-based components acts as a foundation.

Antioxidants - vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and E contain antioxidant properties, and these are some of the active ingredients in bb creams. These antioxidants give the bb cream its anti-aging property.

Sunblock - bb creams contain sunblock ingredients such as titanium oxide or zinc oxide, to help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Choosing the best bb cream for acne

BB creams are manufactured differently. So how are you to choose the best bb cream for acne? Here are some factors which you can consider as well as the BB Creams you can try out.

1. Your Skin Type - to find the right bb cream you have to first know your skin. You have to know which ingredient your skin is sensitive from. This way you can buy the bb cream that doesn’t have that ingredient.

Beauty Benefit Creme is for you! It is an oil-less cream, which means it doesn't add any oil to your already oily skin. Also, the hyaluronic acid ingredient keeps your skin moisturized.

If you have sensitive skin, the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm can do wonders. Its aloe content soothes any redness on your skin. The high water content will add a cooling effect.

2. Your Purpose - determine your purpose for using bb cream. Since it is skin treatment and make-up rolled into one you can either choose a bb cream that has more of the skin treatment ingredient or one that has more of the make-up ingredient. Depending on your purpose you will be able to pick the bb cream that best suits your needs.

Recommendation: If you are inclined on having your makeup stay longer the Clinique

Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum is the right one for you.Used and recommended by makeup artists as a good lightweightfoundation. Its ability to even out skin tones makes it a good foundation.

3. Your Skin Tone - there are bb creams that are made for light skin tones and those with darker skin tones. Choose the bb cream that will seamlessly integrate with your skin tone.

Recommendation: The Dr. Jart Premium Blemish Base helps in resolving your uneven skin tone. The licorice, arbutin and Vitamin C in this BB cream helps in removing discolorations in the skin. Cell renewal is also hastened by sugar molecule adenosine added to this product which makes your skin a lot smoother.

4. Your Age - your age also plays a significant factor in choosing the right bb cream. If you are currently in your early 20's or 30's you should choose the bb cream that has more of the skin treatment component especially that of treatment for acne. If you are in your 40's pick the bb cream that has more of the anti-ageing ingredients.

Recommendation: For women at the age of 40 and above, the 3Labs Perfect BB Cream can help in "reversing" the aging process. The product is integrated with stem-cell technology that helps in rejuvenating, lifting and firming up your skin.

A Final Thought​

Choosing the best bb cream is actually choosing the right bb cream for your skin. Following the factors that you should consider will help you decide on the right bb cream for your skin.

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