How Do You Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Skin tags can be defined as small flaps or growth of skin that may protrude from various parts on the body. Mostly, they grow on the neck, underarms, eyes or breasts. They are not medically harmful in any way nor do they lead to any pain.

They are mostly caused by genetics, obesity, friction or various skin irritations. Although they are completely harmless, many people find them quite irritating and opt to get rid of them for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes.


How do you get rid of skin tags?

This is possible through medicinal or home remedies.

Medicinal remedies

How do you get rid of skin tags medicinally? To do this, you should visit a specialized skin doctor (dermatologist), or any other trained medical personnel. Removing them by yourself is not advisable as it may cause bleeding or infection problems.

Here are some of the medical methods;

-Cauterization: This method involves the use of heat. It is performed by use of a small probe which exposes heat directly to the skin tag, which burns it off. This will result in easy and quick amputation of the tag.

-Ligation: Ligation refers to a procedure whereby a small strap is applied to the root of the tag. This will hinder blood flow to the upper portion of the tag which will cause its cells to die, which will make it fall off. This procedure takes a bit of time after the band is placed, mostly a couple of days.

-Cryosurgery: This method involves the use of a probe to introduce some liquid nitrogen to the area where the skin tag is located. This will cause the area to freeze, leading to falling off of the tag.

-Excision: This is basically cutting off your skin tag. First, a numbing cream is applied on the area, to make the procedure painless. Then, the skin tag is quickly cut off using a scalpel or a pair of scissors.

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Home remedies

How do you get rid of skin tags at the comfort of your home? You can quickly remove those using simple homemade substances. This is advisable for relatively small skin tags. Examples are;

-Use of oregano oil: this oil is a known antifungal which can help cure skin tags among many other skin problems.

Here, you should mix the oil drops with coconut oil in a ratio of 1 to 2. Use a piece of cotton to apply this mixture to the spot with the skin tag. This will cause it to dry up gradually.

- Use of tree oil: tree oil is an antibiotic and antibacterial oil which also an anti-inflammatory. To use it, clean the area with skin tag and apply the oil using cotton. It’s advisable to use it about three times a day. With daily applications, you will be able to get rid of the skin tags within weeks.

-Use of Garlic: This is an incredible natural substance that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. To use it, you should grind it to a smooth paste and apply a small bit using cotton on the skin tag. Cover it with a bandage and do this daily once a day. This works within a week.

Other efficient remedies include the use of Aloe Vera, use of lemon juice among others. Feel free to find out more about this home remedies at

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