Why Does My Skin Feel Like Its Burning?

The burning sensation in your skin could mean different things. So if you are asking why does my skin feel like its burning? Then you might already be feeling the burning sensation above your threshold, or the occurrence is becoming frequent.

Also, you might already have eliminated the possible cause, and that is sunburn. So, before you panic and start worrying unnecessarily, you might want to know more about the different causes of such skin burning sensations.

Why does my skin feel like its Burning?

Here are some of the reasons and possible causes of why your skin feels like its burning.

1. Sensitive Skin Irritation

You might have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by everyday household products, dust or even plants. Sensitive skins are susceptible to irritants and most of the time causes a burning sensation.


2. Drug Reaction

Another reason for burning sensations in your skin is the adverse reaction to drugs. If you were administered a drug for the first time and had felt a burning sensation on your skin, it would be best to tell your doctor about it to find an alternate drug for your condition.

3. Toxins

Getting exposed to toxins and high-level radiation can also cause burning sensation. Arsenic is one of the toxins that is known to cause burning sensations on the skin. If you are prone to exposures to toxins, it is best to consult a doctor for immediate treatment.

4. Insect Bites

Although the burning sensation is localized, some insect bites can also cause such burning feeling on your skin. This is easy to detect because insect bites usually cause redness and swelling in the area where you were bitten.

5. Divers Cutaneous Decompression Sickness

This type of sickness causes a burning feeling on the skin. This sickness starts with the development of rashes then followed by burning sensations. This occurs after diving so if you haven't been doing any deep-sea diving you are in the clear for this sickness.

6. Skin Diseases

Aside from sunburn, skin diseases are also the common reasons why you might feel a burning sensation on your skin. Skin disease, such as eczema and psoriasis, are just two of the skin diseases that may cause a burning feeling on your skin.

7. Nerve damage

Nerve damage specifically those that are located away from the brain can cause a burning feeling. The condition known as peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves that may be caused by nerve tumors, inflammation or infection. It can be caused by hereditary or genetic factors as well.

8. Diabetes

Diabetes is generally caused by abnormal metabolic conditions such as insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. This abnormal metabolic condition, in turn, causes nerve damage that causes burning sensations in your skin.

9. Allergy

Allergic reaction to chemicals whether natural or artificial can also cause a burning sensation on your skin. Chemical substances that are found in skin products may cause allergic reactions. This is also true with chemicals found naturally in plants such as in poison ivy and chilies.

10. Anxiety

High levels of anxiety can cause burning feelings on the skin. Sometimes called the burning skin anxiety, this condition creates a sunburn-like sensation or sometimes an itchy burning feeling but without causing any apparent burn marks. This is caused by the body's dynamic response to stress.

The Bottom Line

Knowing the possible answers to your question "Why does my skin feel like it's burning?" is the first step to helping yourself treat your condition.

The next step should always be to seek professional help from doctors who specialize in the particular possible cause of your burning skin sensation condition.

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